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Rooftop solar panels

Blue Green Energy, LLC is a full-service clean energy project developer with 10+ years of expertise and 100+ mega-watts of solar power in operation in North America. For customers and companies exploring creative alternatives to traditional energy, Blue Green Energy is dedicated to deliver innovative, reliable and competitive clean energy generation and storage solutions for today, tomorrow, and our collective future.

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Solar Energy Services

Full Service Operations & Maintenance and/or Vegetative Management Services. North Carolina & Florida

Local & National Renewable Energy Advocate, Utility-Scale Solar Expert, & Documentary Filmmaker

About Blue Green Energy

Blue Green Energy, LLC is a best-in-class utility-scale solar farm developer and advocate for innovative clean energy power generation and renewable energy storage whenever, wherever, and however it helps to reduce local and global dependency on dirty fuel supply and demand. Conflict over natural resources can be avoided if we choose to power our lives with renewable clean energy rather than fight over fossil fuels that pollute our planet and are more and more difficult to extract. The true cost of energy is often far more than the market price when geopolitical risk and national security is included into the equation.