Utility-Scale Solar

Blue Green Energy, LLC has 10+ years of experience and expertise developing, funding, and constructing utility-scale solar farms in North America.  The consummate challenge is to secure a bankable Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with viable Grid Interconnection, Ground Lease, Permitting, and Entitlements that deliver reliable positive investment value over a 30 – 45 year life cycle in support of clean energy power generation.  Most solar farm projects require 2 – 3 years of dedicated project development prior to start of construction in order to navigate the regulatory and bureaucratic barriers of entry that protect the status quo.  However, solar farm consideration is a unique opportunity for landowners with 100 – 1,000 acres of buildable raw land available with power lines (distribution, transmission, or substation) on property.  Please feel free to contact Blue Green Energy, LLC if you are interested to learn more.

Commercial & Industrial Solar

Blue Green Energy, LLC is able to offer full service rooftop design and installation for commercial solar pv and wind power generation ranging from 10 kilowatts to 1 megawatt in system size.  Commercial and industrial rooftop power is an excellent opportunity to lock in low cost clean energy produced on-site for 20+ years and to demonstrate corporate commitment to sustainable energy.  Alternatively, a commercial rooftop lease is an excellent opportunity to achieve the same with minimal to no capital investment.

Residential Solar

Blue Green Energy, LLC is in discussions with a national solar installer to manage a marketing and sales platform that promotes residential rooftop solar adoption in the U.S., Puerto Rico, and U.S. Virgin Islands.  Residential solar and wind power coupled with energy storage and energy efficiency solutions holds the greatest promise for homeowners to maximize their ROI with greater control over the efficient production and use of clean energy.

Off-Grid Clean Power Solutions

Blue Green Energy, LLC is keen to team with domestic and international partners to distribute high-quality off-grid renewable energy equipment and sustainable living solutions that helps customers improve on-site power production, manage and protect property, and promote peace of mind. This exciting portfolio of products will include: solar and wind equipment coupled with energy storage, innovative control units, remote security, and other unique low voltage power solutions for small homes, cabins, sheds, back yards, and boat docks.